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Many game lovers sometimes have special times they spend on games and want to share these exciting times or situations that they face while playing. And that is why game recording programs have been found to provide this feature for gamers’ fans to document the interesting and funny situations on the Windows system through screen recording software and games. 

This software uses a lot of Algimarz and gamers to share their experiences of modern games on the networking sites such as Facebook’s social channels dedicated to YouTube for games that involved such moments in the funny games. Whatever the reason, this list will provide you with the best screen recording programs and games in the easiest ways.

1. Action

The famous Action! program allows you to create high-quality video clips up to the quality 4k with the highest frame rate and a lot of wonderful features such as the ability to save the recording of the video more than one format for publishing on social sites such as Facebook or YouTube.

You can also add comments directly while recording. It is worth mentioning that it doesn’t give you the weight of Windows or suspend the program or during the game recording. You can also edit the video, add effects to the clip, edit the video and delete any part you do not want,

Price: Free trial-$ 29.95 for the paid version.

2. Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10

Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 contains a great competitor in this list, and we must talk about it, as it contains many of the features that make it one of the best game recording programs.

Where you can record videos for games with great quality and seamlessly works with Windows 10, you will not need to install any programs or tools as it is already integrated with system files.

You can access the program easily by pressing the Windows key on the keyboard the letter G inside the game, to open a small bar for you to control the recording through the buttons that will appear to you.

In addition, you can quickly use it by shortening the Windows key Alt+R button to start recording or stop recording, and you can also customize the quality from high or low through the options that appear.

Price: Free.

3. OBS Studio

An open-source program for recording games and sharing favorite game clips called OBS Studio is very suitable for many game fans. It provides a great service that is not only available on Windows, but there are versions for Mac and Linux.

The interface of the tool is quite straightforward and simple. And it contains two great looks, normal and dark black. It contains very many settings that enable you to modify many and various things inside the video and during recording and even modify the game’s sound and music, modify colors and a lot of additions that you can discover yourself.

Price: It is free.

4. RecordCast

RecordCast is the most popular program that is rich in the definition. It is recommended by many gamers, and you will find many videos on YouTube for games that have been recorded through this wonderful program, where you can record the entire computer screen or any application or a browser tab you are playing games through the program.

Compared to other competing programs, the beauty of the application is that it is web-based, so you don’t worry about your computer space. You can just operate it without any installation or plugin.

It has many features, such as recording your web camera while playing, where you can record yourself while playing and recording the game screen simultaneously. In this way, you can record your reactions while playing, as popular gamers do on video-viewing platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. What’s more, you can also add a music file to the clip or an audio recording from your computer your microphone.

Price: RecordCast is completely free without a small watermark.

In the end, we hope that we have succeeded in presenting the best 4 programs and tools for recording screens and games for gamers. Do not forget to share the tools with your friends if you love them.  

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