Snarayan August 23, 2021

WESTERLY, R.I. (AP) — The slow-rolling system named Henri is taking its time drenching the Northeast with rain, lingering early Monday atop a region made swampy by the storm’s relentless downpour. Henri, which made landfall as a tropical storm Sunday afternoon in Rhode Island, has moved northwest through Connecticut. It hurled rain westward far before its arrival, flooding areas […]

Snarayan July 21, 2021

An employee spends most of the time in their workspace to earn for living a better & easy lifestyle. And this will forward you toward a sedentary lifestyle which can be lead to poor posture. Poor body posture can decline your confidence level; maybe it produces several health-related issues. So, all of us should be […]

Snarayan July 21, 2021

In gadgets markets, Apple claims itself world’s best brand of expensive smartphones. But the truth is, those smartphones also can create a messy state of affairs sometimes. Several cases have been noted against the iPhone due to various reasons. In many cases, this might only happen after the mode of updating your gadget from new […]