Snarayan March 25, 2021

Do you know that the latest figures for internet users show that around 4.54 billion people are active internet users that represent 59% of the total population of the globe? The number is expected to increase at a great rate in the coming few years due to evolving technologies. People are turning their life into the virtual world from connecting with people to their access to the information of daily tasks. You may observe that people are engaged in the digital world for almost all the major purposes such as hospital, grocery shopping, cab services, educational purposes, and degree programs, and so on.

There are numerous benefits of digital marketing. Those cost-effectiveness tools provide accurate demographic targeting, allowing for an ineffective collection of relevant data, demographic targeting. It allows easier and instant tracking of results, increases market reach, and other so many advantages.

The entire scenario of digital marketing can be seen in 5Ds that are: digital platforms, digital media, digital devices, digital data, and digital technology. Each D has an efficient interaction between the target customers and the brand. Also, it helps to get the realistic market insight of business to create a better strategy and execution. Let’s explore each one briefly:

Digital Platforms

The platforms are used to analyze the preferred service and channels of the target audience so that these can be used for marketing purposes. Brands are increasing engagements using popular digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms can be used to promote game app development service providers also.

Digital Media

It is associated with the content that is used on earned communication channels to engage the customers through paid and owned posts. It can be used in several ways like search engine optimization, advertising, email marketing, messaging, social networks, and so on.

Digital Data

When it comes to digital data, it is associated with the audience profile and engagement patterns with brands. According to the data, technology focuses on establishing the interactive experience around the entire platform from the mobile application and website to the inshore kiosk.

Digital Devices And Technology

Digital devices are all the gadgets like tablets, smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and so on. Digital technology is to create engaging experiences through the device for the users through mobile applications.

Therefore, all the 5Ds are essential to enhance the unparalleled edge in the digital marketing campaign. These are the reasons for the transformation of the entire industry of marketing from the traditional to the modern one and more to go. The business world is becoming more advanced with each passing day due to these effective platforms.  Marketers are working more to deal with high competition in the business world that has become technology-centric…

When it comes to the stats of different countries, there are 23 million active users of social media out of the 33.85 million total inhabitants. Additionally, according to the report of hoot Suites, those active users in the kingdom reached 89% of the population. These ratios are showing that the role of digital platforms has reached a significant point, especially for businesses.  

The phenomena are no different in UAE as according to the Hootsuite that 99 percent of the population are active users of social media. Almost 8.80 million users out of 9.52 are mobile internet users that are playing a big role in the race of digitalization. Therefore, if the company is not using digital platforms to enhance the business growth then it is not possible to gain market reach or attain the business goals because the digital world has made it highly competitive.

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