Snarayan June 22, 2021

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system is a software solution to provide a seamless flow of
information across the entire process. It allows companies to integrate different business processes
including accounting & finance, HR, production, CRM, and sales. ERP Software system is a suite of many
integrated modules containing sets of applications and a common centralized database. These modules
support the basic business processes in different departments. The centralized database stores
information and feed of various business departments and helps various applications to support all
business activities.
ERP system solution automates all business processes such as accounts payable, general ledger, cash
management, and forecasting. However, it manages personnel administration, payroll, time
management, inventory management, product pricing, billing, and others. Most ERP systems were
designed to automate various internal back-office business activities for organizations or companies.
ERP System Implementation needs more efficient planning based on the requirements of different
business departments and operations. It can effectively communicate with customers, suppliers, and
other business partners. The customized software solution will enable manufacturers or business
owners to satisfy customers to meet their requirements.

Many reputable companies are offering the best ERP solutions for organizations and the manufacturing
industry. MIE Solutions is the ERP Implementation Company providing the best software solutions for
organizations, firms, and different manufacturing companies. An efficient ERP system provides some key
Benefits of ERP Software Implementation
 Better Communication: The system can better communicate with the critical firm-wide
information to boost business performance. Users can communicate with different business
activities and processes in real-time more easily and rapidly across the organization.
 Cost Reduction: A considerable amount of reduction in administrative and operational costs is
the key factor to implement a dedicated ERP system. Cost reduction involves software,
hardware, IT support staff, transaction processing, and various other elements.
 Quality and Efficiency Improvement: The effective ERP system provides improved quality
and efficiency of customer service, production, and distribution. A well-integrated system
enables manufacturers to manage accounts, sales, finance, production, custom logistics, and
other business operations.
 More Secure Database: ERP system enables manufacturers to uniform organizational working
environment. The solution also provides an error-free flow of information and a more secure
centralized common database.

ERP system solution for manufacturing contains various modules. These ERP modules feature different
sets of integrated applications and provide a more efficient mechanism to deal with all business
activities. There are various modules involved to provide much better performance and powerful
security to ERP for Manufacturing Industry. Following are key modules of ERP system solutions for most
companies operating in different types of manufacturing sectors.
Key ERP Modules for Manufacturing Sector
 Accounting and Finance: This module efficiently keeps track of finance activities including
accounting, finance, planning, allocations, tax management, and profit & loss statements.
 Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The module enables manufacturers and
companies to manage business operations such as sales, marketing, and customer services. It
allows employees to monitor sales opportunities and discover channels to attract new
customers. Business owners can implement CRM in the management of marketing operations.
 Inventory Control Management: The inventory control management module is an essential
component of any Manufacturing Management Software solution. This module enables
manufacturers to track resources and supplies through purchase orders, inventory control,
automated ordering, and others.
 Supply Chain Management: This module has the ability to monitor products and goods from
purchasing and manufacturing to distribution. Some of the essential features of this module
include purchase, inventory, production, shipping, refunds, and scheduling customer’s products.
 Manufacturing: This is a key module for production companies and manufacturers to execute
the manufacturing process and its related activities. The module features quality control, work
orders, planning, manufacturing operations, bill of resources, engineering, and the overall
production operation.
 Human Resource Management (HRM): The HRM module effectively facilitates the hiring
process from recruitment all through succession. Best Manufacturing Software features key
elements of the HR module including payroll, learning & time management, and performance
tracking. The module includes planning for new hiring of employees, training schedule,
promotions, and other HR-related responsibilities.

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