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How to compress brake Caliper

I think it is dream for a every single car owner to learn how to compress brake caliper. If you are really a car enthusiasts and wants to know how to compress brake caliper then you must read this article with full of concentrations. Brake pad and brake caliper will help a car owner to drive his or her car safely through the road.

So you must keep your attention to the brake caliper wen it’s time to change it compress it. Every single car enthusiasts must know the importance of brake caliper with the help of a brake caliper you can stop or slow down the brake caliper just with the simple push in a paddle. It can be the reason for your safety while you are going through the road that’s why I say keep your eyes or concentration on the brake caliper. If you read our guide carefully then I think you will surely learn how to compress brake caliper just by following our few easier steps.

If you have faced a situation where your brake is not releasing completly then I think you do not remove the feet from your padel. While you put on the brake your car is going through a different direction wile you are pressing the brake at that time you vehicle’s brake caliper is going through a compression problem.

If that happens then it will be the situation which is both hazardous and harmful for the safety of your vehicle and also for yourself. So if you wants to run smoothly your vehicle and wants to preven your vehicle from all kinds of accident then you must compress your brake caliper at a perfect time when it’s needed. If you can compress the brake caliper by yourself then it will surely give you some extra bit of confidence as you have done it by yourself. If it’s done by any professional and you are facing brake compression problem at the middle of a road then you will be confused about where the fault has been done. But if you do the task by yourself then it will surely give you little bit more confidence and you will know where you have done the mistakes and you can easily find out the place where the fault lies. After noticing the fault you can amend it instantly by watching the video or by reading our guide if you have proper tools with you or in your car.

Now I am going to mention How to compress brake caliper with few easier steps

Those who wants to learn how to compre brake caliper with a few easier steps they must read our guide very carefully and with full of concentration. As we are going to mention few easier steps of how to compress brake caliper.

We all know that due to wear and tear the brake pads of a vehicle got’s thinner as they goes through friction when the brakes are applied.

Compression of a brake caliper can be done by different way but while doing compression you have to maintain fe things that are

  • keep your bleeder valve open.
  • You must remove the lid on the hydraulic reservoir which will surely help you in reducing the extra pressure that is going to build during the time of compressing brake caliper.

How to compress brake caliper with C Clamp

  • You must place the C clamp at a fixed position over the caliper and you must make the end push against the piston.
  • After that you should turn the screw very carefully as you adjust. You should wind down the screw on a C clamp and make it closer to Clapping on both brake pad and caliper.
  • The jaws of the clamp will make hole into the brake pad and to avoid all this things you must put a wood block between and after that you must tight the clamp pretty hardly.
  • You should screw or tighten the clamp perfectly with it you can compress very easily by pulling the inward piston.
  • After that you should keep tightening the clamp unless it adjust with the pistons rightly for the brand new brake pads to set in with.


So after reading this guide you learn how to compress brake caliper. you must share this guide with your freinds those who are having car in their house. So that they can learn the process of compressing brake caliper very easily just by following few easier steps.

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