Snarayan May 20, 2021

Marketing is one of the elements to a successful project and without a corporate branding strategy. It is difficult to surface in front of those who have mastered this field and its tools. And among these strategies, Branding means finding a unique, coherent style that your customers can identify.

And that includes your company name, the logo with its fonts and base colors, which usually represent the brand’s identity.

So if you don’t know where to start, either you go through an expert in this field, an offline or digital marketing professional, or use this little beginner’s guide and take advantage of some online tools that this post finds very interesting to start with.

Let’s check out these 3 tools and get your practice

First, create a color palette with Coolors.

Coolors is a free application that allows you to create a color palette for your logo. You can just go to the site, then use the Space bar on your keyboard to scroll through different predefined color palettes, then click on the button: Start the Generator; it’s free. And there, you will have a palette of five colors that you have chosen with the possibility of modifying them, changing them or adjusting them, and exporting or downloading them in PDF or Image format to keep the color codes on your desktop for later use.

So it’s up to you to explore this site and find the best color combination to adopt for your logo.

Choose the font of your company logo with Canva Font Combinations.

There is, of course, Google Font, which offers an incredible collection of free fonts, but Canva Font Combinations offers you, in addition to the fonts, help to combine them well in content in a homogeneous way. For example, you choose a typeface of Start for your logo, and the site in question will then offer you other fonts that go with and use in your presentations, your flyers, your web pages.

Create a company logo with DesignEvo

DesignEvo is freemium, so you can download and save your logo. Also, if you want to use a higher resolution, then you can purchase its basic plan for $24.99 or a plus plan for $49.99. What makes this low-cost service very interesting is its creation software which uses a huge template and icon stocks with over 10,000 templates to guide you in an interactive way to find and customize the visual identity of your company.

How does it work?

As mention before, DesignEvo is a template-driven online tool, so you can start your design by choosing your niche logo template. For instance, if your industry is about Art and Entertainment, then you can find the art logos templates to edit. After that, you can view various styles of logos. Then you can choose one to customize the logo. To continue, you will see four major editors, from which you can add and edit as you see fit. When you are happy with your logo, proceed to save it.


If you are creating a company, one of the first steps before launching yourself on the market is to get a logo that represents your image. Previously it was normal to hire professionals for this type of work, but today this task is much easier.  Therefore, if you want to get your logo project to start, just no hesitate to try these tools.

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