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SAP FICO refers to Finance and Cost Controlling in SAP ERP, SAP FICO module may be very sturdy and covers nearly all enterprise methods encountered in several industries. SAP FICO Training in Noida is a way one of the very important and significantly implemented modules in SAP. SAP FICO is made from sub-modules. The sub-modules which might be frequently used are money owed receivables, money owed payables, asset accounting, famous ledger accounting, and monetary organization accounting.

All of the sub Modules are interlinked and integrate in real-time. Trial balance can be extracted at a time and it’ll constantly stability due to the fact all of the submodules are related. Let’s get into elements via way of means of understanding the additives of SAP FICO.

General Ledger Accounting– All general Ledger money owed which is probably used for reporting is managed thru great ledger accounting. In sap, a difficult and rapid of all famous ledger money owed utilized by a corporation or a hard and fast of corporations is referred to as a chart of money owed. Those are the payments that will be used for the training of financial statements.

Most of the transactions are recorded in submodules and they’re reconciled with the general ledgers in actual time. SAP FICO Training Institute In Delhi Transactions that can be finished indirectly in trendy ledger accounting encompass journal vouchers that are posted to modify or accurate transactions.

Account Receivables- It’s far A submodule that captures all transactions with customers and manages consumer debts. Separate purchaser payments may be maintained and whilst transactions are posted in purchaser payments, reconciliation bills in the huge ledger are up to date with the figures in real-time. Transactions in debts receivables encompass billposting, credit score rating memo posting, down bills, invoice rate, dunning, and executing client critiques.

Asset Accounting- Asset accounting manages all transactions related to property for an entity. Whilst transactions are posted in asset bills, reconciliation accounts in the popular ledger are updated in actual time. Transactions in asset accounting consist of asset acquisition, asset retirement, asset sale, asset transfer, asset revaluation, and asset depreciation.

Bank Accounting- It captures all transactions with the banks. Financial institution reconciliation is accomplished to reconcile all transactions recorded on financial institution statements comparing them to transactions in the gadget. All SAP FI sub-modules are incorporated and transactions are updated in actual time which means that correct economic statements can be extracted from the device at any time.

Prerequisites for SAP FICO:

It’s far a simple educational and you may effortlessly apprehend the principles explained here with fundamental expertise of the way a business deals its financials.

However, it’ll assist if you have some earlier exposure to accounting and how to deal with monetary statistics.

One should have a jest of approx. all SAP modules but definitely choose the one in which their interest relies on.

Importance of SAP Certification:

SAP certifications permit people to stay up-to-date and applicable by way of turning into professionals inside the cutting-edge sap technology and solutions. Certification provides personal and corporation popularity and helps career development from proficiency to mastery. SAP worldwide certification is also verifiable.

SAP certification is important in many businesses as it lets each department communicate with each different effortlessly. Departments such as sales, stock, finance, manufacturing, and human sources can get admission to facts from specific departments and talk about the wishes of their branch efficiently.

SAP plays a substantial position in building your professional knowledge in the worldwide market. An SAP certification proves your ability to make use of SAP systems for dealing with enormous databases of an organization and professional capabilities on SAP reporting.


Well, as mentioned above, SAP FICO Training Institute In Noida is one of the modules which cope with finance-related roles. It’s by far the maximum extensively apprehended merchandise in terms of scope and implementation. This indicates that it is already used in lots of organizations and a number of institutions are adopting it as their financial software program platform. The facts flow among the ones additives take area frequently. Information flows applicable to rate flows to controlling from monetary accounting. At an identical time, the system assigns the charges and sales to exceptional co-account venture items, which consist of price centers, agency approaches, initiatives, or orders.

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