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Nowadays, the role of videos in content marketing is becoming more and more important becausevideos are the easiest, fastest and most comfortable tools for users. The great growth of YouTube, the rise of videos on Facebook, and in other ways such as Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo or Vine, make it great for a community manager or content creator to know how to make and edit them.For this reason, we bring you a compilation of the most prominent programs for creating and editing videos, both for PC, Mac and Online.


This video maker is an ideal tool for marketing videos.

Some of the main features of FlexClip:

Iit allows you to create animated pieces with your own material using transitions, different types of text, images of objects and other effects common in video editing.You also have the option to customize some pre-built templates. It offers a free version, so you can try it at first to decide whether it’s worth a purchase for the higher version. But trust me, it’s worth it.

Platform: web browser-based.

Price: free


The Avidemux interface is pretty ugly, but trust me, it does its job for quick edits like cuts and reassembly of our video.Avidemux is a free video maker for PC that, although it is not with multilanguages, I have wanted to add to the list because it is available, it is free software, and therefore, it is available for the main platforms.


Compatible with most video formats: It is compatible with many types of files, including AVI, MPEG compatible DVD, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codes.

Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Price: Free


I have put Camtasia on the list, which despite not being a native tool for editing videos, is the one I use the most to record my video tutorials, and I think it can be very useful.You can try this tool for free for 30 days. Believe me. It’s worth a try.


Main use: Creation of guides or manuals on video, thanks to the fact that it allows you to record and capture everything that happens on your computer screen.

Impressive video effects: Create spectacular video effects and animations and incorporate them into your project editing in Camtasia.

Advanced audio settings: Add audio effects and make advanced settings so that the sound of your videos will surprise your followers.

Platform: Windows and Mac

Price: paid

AVS Video Maker

AVS is another video maker for Windows that you can use to achieve a more professional finish.

Among other functions, it will allow you:

Trim and divide the videos.

You mix different videos and change your position.

It has a wide variety of effects and transitions.

You can add titles and subtitles.

Edit the audio.

Even stabilize shaky video recordings.

Regarding the formats it supports:

Quick HD video editing: Edit HD AVI, TOD, AVCHD, MOD, MTS / M2TS, etc., with AVS video maker. Thanks to the integrated cache technology, the editing of HD video is made faster.

Supports a large number of video formats: Supports all key video formats. Edit and save video files in AVI, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV, H.263 / H.264 codecs, etc.

Platform: Windows

Price: Paid.

Pinnacle Studio

With Pinacle Studio 24 you can perform professional video editing without much experience since the interface can be customized to suit a professional or beginner profile.Whether you want to make simple edits or complex edits, it will work for you.


Frame accuracy.

Simple and professional color correction.

Effects with masks.

Video stabilizer.

Platform: Windows

Price: paid

iMovie for Mac

iMovie is the free video maker in Spanish par excellence for Mac users because it is a program that is already installed by default and has a multitude of functionalities.

For example, you will be able to:

Add special effects to your videos.

You can add high-quality filters.

Use sound effects.

Cut and edit videos from Mac, iPad or iPhone.

Or, as they say, “Create Hollywood-level titles.


VideoPad is a free video maker for mac that is quite intuitive to use and that allows you to create videos with high quality.

Some of its features are:

It allows you to edit videos from a multitude of formats: DV, VHS, Web Camera, AVI, DIVX, 3GP, etc.

You can add effects or transitions as well as adjust the speed of the video.

It also integrates audio tools with different effects.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Android.

Price: Free.

Movavi video maker for Mac

Take a look at the best video editing program for Mac. You can learn to use it in a few minutes!

Movavi’s video creation program has everything you need to edit home movies and create photo slideshows quickly and efficiently.

Features that may interest you:

You can add music to videos.

You have a wide variety of filters and creative effects.

Different styles of titles to add.

You can modify the stabilization, saturation, brightness, etc., to improve the quality of images.

In short, one of the programs to make free videos in Spanish that you have to take into account if you use Mac.

Platform: Mac

Price: Free


OpenShot is a very simple to use video editing program, and it has a short learning curve, so you can achieve very good results in a short time.

It has the following main Features :

Many video clips can be cut and joined.

Allows you to speed up and slow down the scenes.

Frame accuracy.

Templates for titles and titles in 3D.

Video and sound effects.

Programs to edit videos in Linux

3 Free Linux Video Editing Programs


Kdenlive is a great solution when you are looking for open-source video editing software.

Features :

Key Features: HD support, storyboard mode, two video tracks and four audio tracks, linear time code display, ECM.

Supported platforms: FreeBSD, Mac and Linux

Supported formats: MPEG2, MP4 and other popular video formats

Price: free

OBS Studio

OBS Studio has a very primitive interface, but it is very simple and intuitive and does the job perfectly.It is very easy to use and configure.


Cut and join your videos.

Edit videos with chroma.

Sound mixer.


Shotcut is a very agile video editing program to use for simple things, but it also has many functionalities and features with great possibilities.


It supports many formats and resolutions, even 4k.

Many functions to enhance the audio.

It has effects and transitions.

Allows adjustment of RGB channels.

It is cross-platform.


Conclusion I hope these video editing tools will be of great help to you on your web pages and blog.

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