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Nowadays, health and safety both are most important for individuals. Due to Covid-19, people don’t want to take any risk for health. In the same manner, many companies are related to the food and beverages industry. These companies are also paying attention to the health and safety of the staff as well as customers. During Covid-19, several service-oriented businesses like cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, etc are facing lots of complications.

Along with the trust and confidence of clients, companies and businesses (especially service-oriented) have to ensure the safety of health by providing hygienic food without any stress. Thus, the companies need to monitor the activities of staff in the kitchen, manufacturing department, etc for 24*7 hours. If you want to run your business for a long time in Covid-19, you have to ensure the hygiene, safety, and health of the clients


Some Important Products/Services provided by Vehant

During Covid-19, the technologies of Vehant came into existence along with several products and services for the companies and businesses. Through these technologies, thousands of hospitality industries are enjoying benefits. Also, these types of products are essential for those who are providing services to the users. Have a look at the services providing by Vehant in the field of Hospitality:

  • Detection of Face-Mask: – In this pandemic period, the mask is the first important safety tool for every person. Without the mask, it is not possible to fight against Covid-19. This technology helps to identify those individuals or staff who are not wearing a mask on the premises of the business or company. This service is so popular, essential and reliable for all those companies who are providing services to others.
  • Detection of Social Distancing: – Maintaining social distance is essential to keep away from the symptoms of Covid-19. Thus, this technology helps to find out those people who are not following social distancing in the company or business.
  • Detection of Hairnet/Chef-Cap: – While making foods in the kitchen, the chef has to wear a cap on their hair. Thus, through this technology, you can recognise the chef cap in the kitchen area. 
  • Contactless Temperature Measurement: – It is so important to measure the temperature without touching the surface or body. Hence, this technology helps to provide contactless temperature monitoring in your business.
  • Detection of Gloves & Monitoring of Hand Wash: – Washing hands are so important in this pandemic period. You can identify the person who is not washing hands properly within the premises. Also, the technology of Vehant offers for the detection of gloves to ensure safety.
  • Monitoring the Contact-Less Attendance: – Without touching anything, you can monitor the attendance of your staff through this advanced technology of Vehant. 
  • Management for Gathering of Crowd: – Within your business/company, you can also analyse hot spot (crowd gathering) areas with this technology. It helps to identify those who are gathering with each other.
  • Monitoring the Dress Codes: – If your staff are not in proper uniform, this technology helps to recognise them. 
  • Monitoring the Cleanliness: – Lastly, you can also monitor the cleanliness in the premises with this extraordinary technology of Vehant. 

Why to Contact Vehant Technologies?

  • To monitor the social distancing.
  • To check the usage of cell phones.
  • It also maintains the decorum within the premises.
  • To provide video for the issues related to the management.
  • It helps to identify those who are not following guidelines.
  • To manage the cleanliness.

Last Words

Vehant is providing extraordinary services in this pandemic period to others. Apart from the hospitality industry, Vehant is also offering the best services in the field of road and safety. Today, health is the most important thing for everyone. To fulfil the demand and ensure the safety of clients, these technologies are best for service-oriented businesses.

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